on the topic of parsing XML... or I need examples.

Andre Garzia soapdog at mac.com
Wed Dec 24 07:55:04 CST 2003

Hi Folks,

I am finishing a project here that works XML-RPC, all my xml is hard 
coded for I cannot grok into revXML, I just can't understand it without 
There's no problem hardcoding the XML, but I need to parse the answers 
and I want to do it the right way, not just like old text parsing.

did anyone here worked with xml parsing (with no external)? Can someone 
send me a sample stack or point me to some resource? I know the SOAP 
Toolbox does not parse the returned xml, so anyone working with it must 
be creating it's own parsing routines... xml-rpc is easy, I need just 
some starting info... i've implemented XML-RPC three times now, I've 
done it in RB, in python, in rebol... I know the specs, I just need to 
understand the transcript way of xml...


Andre Alves Garzia ð 2003 ð BRAZIL

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