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On Dec 23, 2003, at 11:31 AM, Bill Vlahos wrote:

> I thought Revolution 1.x was a Carbon app but Revolution 2.x is MachO 
> based.

Revolution is both Carbon and Mach-O. Mach-O is the binary code format 
(vs the old PEF,CFM formats). Carbon and Cocoa refer to the programming 
API (libraries) used, not the code format. I think, not sure, it's 
possible to build a Carbon app in PEF-CFM format, that runs on Mac OS 
9, for example.

Cocoa is an Objective-C API, so actually relatively few newer apps use 
it, plus all the old apps that were ported over from NEXTStep OS.

On OS X if you use the file command and otool -L command you can verify

# file Mach-O executable ppc

# otool -L

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