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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Dec 23 03:23:35 EST 2003

Monte Goulding wrote:

>>> In the worst case Lucida Grande is hard-coded in Revolution as the OS X
>>> default font. Then I don't know what you could do.
>> You should be able to override any default settings by setting
>> the textFont
>> of your stack to "0" or any other string that does not match the name of a
>> currently installed font.  In such cases the engine should then use the
>> system's default font.  If it doesn't it should be corrected.
> Hmmm... not so lucky ;-) The default engine font is Helvetica 14 which is
> what you see in MetaCard (set the textFont to ""). The Rev defaults are:
> OS X = Lucida Grande, 11
> MacOS = Geneva, 10
> Win32 = MS Sans Serif, 10
> Other = Helvetica, 12???
> It seems these are hard coded. If there is a workaround to use default
> system fonts I wonder why it's not being used by either Rev or MetaCard???

I had thought Rev did this, no?  My guess on MetaCard is that Dr. Raney
simply likes Motif. ;)
> After playing with this for a bit it seems there's also no corresponding
> workaround for text size.

Setting the textSize of the stack should allow all of its objects to inherit
that appearance.  If it's not, there's something getting between your stack
and the engine.  Are you using the Profile Manager or other Rev-specific
features which might affect font size?

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