Find fonts

Monte Goulding monte at
Tue Dec 23 03:08:49 EST 2003

> > In the worst case Lucida Grande is hard-coded in Revolution as the OS X
> > default font. Then I don't know what you could do.
> You should be able to override any default settings by setting
> the textFont
> of your stack to "0" or any other string that does not match the name of a
> currently installed font.  In such cases the engine should then use the
> system's default font.  If it doesn't it should be corrected.

Hmmm... not so lucky ;-) The default engine font is Helvetica 14 which is
what you see in MetaCard (set the textFont to ""). The Rev defaults are:
OS X = Lucida Grande, 11
MacOS = Geneva, 10
Win32 = MS Sans Serif, 10
Other = Helvetica, 12???

It seems these are hard coded. If there is a workaround to use default
system fonts I wonder why it's not being used by either Rev or MetaCard???
After playing with this for a bit it seems there's also no corresponding
workaround for text size.



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