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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Dec 22 21:54:44 CST 2003

Jim Carwardine wrote:

> Just a question that someone may be able to point me to the literature.  I
> would like to put a Rev stack on a server and allow multiple users access to
> it.  How is this done?

It depends on what you need. If you are using the stack only for storage you
might find the most robust support for the greatest number of concurrent
users by using a multi-user database like MySQL.

However if your traffic is light and you're not likely to have many
simultaneous users, you could use the Rev engine as a CGI and write a text
file to act as a flag when its in use, deleting it when done.  If a second
request comes in, to avoid overwriting changes being made by the first
instance the CGI checks for the existence of this flag file and sits in a
loop until it is gone. It's probably wise to have a timeout in such a loop
so that after, say, 10 seconds the flag file is deemed to be orphaned by an
error in the first instance and proceeds anyway.

With rapid syntax for shallow hierarchical data, using stack files cam be a
useful option for small data sets (see

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