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I was talking about after a whole bunch of cards was already created 
and then you decide you need a background group. If Place group places 
an existing group to an already existing card then that would be what I 
want. However can that be scripted for say 30 or 40 cards?


P.S. I didn't even see that menu item until right now. WOW.

On Dec 22, 2003, at 12:22 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 12/22/03 6:56 AM, Thomas J McGrath III wrote:
>> P.S. if you don't make the group first before you make new cards then 
>> it won't be included on each new card after the fact. I just right a 
>> button to repeat for number of cards and paste. Then before I hit the 
>> button I do a copy of the grouped objects. It does not seem to cause 
>> any adverse affects having to do this. I wish there were a way to 
>> create a 'background' element. However if you already have a 
>> background group on all cards you can add to this group after the 
>> fact and the new object within this group will be included in all 
>> cards that have that background group.
> This isn't the most efficient way to do it and creates some bloat in 
> the stack. When you copy/paste a group to another card, you are 
> creating a duplicate copy of the group. If all you want to do is 
> include an existing group on a card, then you just need to place the 
> existing group onto the new card. Use the "Place Group" menu item in 
> the Objects menu to do that.
> This has the same effect as creating a group with its 
> backgroundBehavior set to true and then making a new card (which will 
> automatically include any groups on the originating card.)
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