Standalone clipping Stack height on 800 X 600 display?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Dec 22 12:34:16 EST 2003

On 12/22/03 12:11 AM, katir at wrote:

> I finally pinned part of my stack height problem down to a repeatable behavior:
> set stack size to 750 X 550.
> build standalone for OSX
> open stack inside screen that is set to 1440 X 900
> now change display to 800 X 600, 
> drag stack into center of window, 
> Result; the full 550 pixels of the stack are displayed
> Now: Quit the stand alone.
> Now open the standalone again,
> But this time the screen is already at 800 X 600
> Now the stack is clipped on the bottom by about 4-8 pixels.
> Has anyone else experience this?

Just about everyone, I think. ;)

I submitted a bug report on it a few weeks ago. The problem isn't only 
related to 600x800 resolutions. It also occurs in other resolutions, and 
it looks like it depends more on the relative size of the stack compared 
to the screen height.

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