evaluate the "it" variable in an external

jbv jbv.silences at Club-Internet.fr
Mon Dec 22 05:47:41 EST 2003


> jbv-
> Well, I didn't say this is necessarily how *I* would choose to get
> user input, but for the record...
> The "ask" dialog is called *from* the external. That's the function of
> the SendCardMessage() call. I don't like the idea of hardcoding the
> result variable, but that of course could be passed in an argument.
> This works as a proof of concept.

Yes, I understand.
Although the point I wanted to make is that such discussions and
proposed solutions might be somewhat scary to newbies.
Products like Rev & Transcript have the great advantage to avoid the
headaches of C programing & debugging to many not-so-professional
programmers. That's why I had the feeling that proposing simpler
(and Transcript-only, if possible) solutions could be a good thing on
this list.

But this is just my opinion of course.
And the possibility to send messages to Transcript from externals is
of course a great feature that I've used several times myself...


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