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Sun Dec 21 19:52:18 EST 2003

In this particular case they all are using Macs. However, iCal won't let multiple users modify the same calendar. I want all of the secretaries to be able to schedule the rooms.

I also don't think iCal can do the notes that I'm thinking of.

Bill Vlahos
Okay, let me try to rephraze that rule: system and rev (official) dialogs return content in it but the button clicks or error in the result.

Well, choosing "Cancel" in a system dialog box would return on user selection is consider "error data" but "Cancel" is passed to "the result," not "it"  for "answer printer"

So, if there is a "general rule" its not that which you propose.
It would be good to now what it is...

On Dec 1, 2003, at 3:11 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

Alex Rice wrote:

On Nov 30, 2003, at 12:46 PM, katir at wrote:
This is either a bug, where for use of  "answer printer" Rev should
pass the result to "it" or needs more documentation if the globally
expected engine behavior is for anything from the system to *not* be
in "it" but be passed via the result, which is also logical. Old time
xTalkers may take that for granted, newbies will stumble

As Ken confirmed, the solution is to check the result, not "it". I
think the docs reflect that.
As a relative new xtalker I have sometimes been confused when sometimes
"it" is called for, and sometimes "the result". Is there any general
rule to be aware of?

As a very general rule, "the result" is used for error info while "it"
contains data.

Are there other exceptions to this?

Set the dontUseQT property to true, and it should revert to using Windows
MediaPlayer which should play MP3's and MPEG files in a player object. Also
depends whether you want to play short embedded clips or full movies/sound
recordings from files.

Ok, Dave and Ken --this turned out to work just fine:

on startup
  repeat until length(tDataIn) >= $CONTENT_LENGTH
    read from stdin until empty
    put it after tDataIn
  end repeat
split tDataIn by "&" and "="
put "/usr/lib/sendmail -t" into mprocess
        open process mprocess for write
        write "From:" && (urlDecode (tDataIn["from"]))& cr to process mprocess
        write "To:" &&   (urlDecode (tDataIn["to"]))  &  cr to process mprocess
        write "Subject:" &&   (urlDecode (tDataIn["subject"]))   &  cr & cr to process mprocess
       write    (urlDecode (tDataIn["body"])) &  cr to process mprocess
       close process mprocess   
    Put "Email was sent successfully." into tResponse
    put "Content-Type: text/html" & cr
    put "Content-Length:" && the length of tResponse & cr & cr
    put tResponse
end if
end startup

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