Executable (distribution) can't be deleted in Window XP

Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Sun Dec 21 18:11:38 EST 2003

> I've been building apps (distributions) using my nice new laptop
> running Windows XP. No problem there - but when I want to rebuild,
> the DB doesn't seem to be able to delete (overwrite) the previous
> version of the app (which always has the same name). After running
> the app, I want to delete it: when I try to delete the .exe file
> directly by selecting it in Windows Explorer and choosing 'delete'
> from the right-click menu, I get a message saying that it can't be
> deleted because 'Access is denied'. The app isn't running and doesn't
> show up in the taskbar. I know next to nothing about Windows XP, but
> it seems to me that RunRev has done something to the file to make it
> impossible to delete.
> Can anyone explain this? Nothing in bugzilla that I could find.

It's more than likely that the process is still running. Try pressing
Ctrl+Alt+Delete and see if you can identify your app under the Processes
tab. If so then selected it and click the End Process button. You may have a
bug in your app that causes it to keep running after all windows are closed.



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