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Valentina is at <http://www.paradigmasoft.com/index.html> and it looks
interesting... Jim

on 12/21/03 3:40 PM, Rob Cozens wrote:

>> Or maybe I'm just not explaining it correctly?
> Hi Chuck,
> I, for one, am unsure of your definition of OODB or the specific db
> structure you wish to support.  I started a response to your original
> query re OODB; but trashed it because (a) I wasn't sure it was
> pertinent and (b) I could not find and current links to the product
> on the 'net.
> Before discussions on the HyperCard List convinced me to write my own
> database, I purchased a license for Answer Software's HyBase [I'm
> hazy on the company name, it was in Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, or
> thereabouts].
> HyBase was touted as a fourth-generation database capable of
> supporting code segments and objects.  It was delivered as a set of
> extensions in HyperTalk external format.  It looked promising &
> powerful to me; but (1) it was overkill for my needs and (2) by using
> my own db I have no liability for royalties when distributing my
> products.
> I really don't know if this has any relevance to your question; but
> if you want to take another shot at describing the data structure(s)
> and functionality you want to support, I'll ponder whether/how one
> might support them in SDB.


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