Chuck Pelto cbpelto at pcisys.net
Sun Dec 21 16:02:59 EST 2003

On Sunday, Dec 21, 2003, at 12:40 America/Denver, Rob Cozens wrote:

> I, for one, am unsure of your definition of OODB or the specific db 
> structure you wish to support.  I started a response to your original 
> query re OODB; but trashed it because (a) I wasn't sure it was 
> pertinent and (b) I could not find and current links to the product on 
> the 'net.

Object-Oriented databases are similar in concept to the Object-Oriented 
application that Revolution is reputed to be. The primary difference is 
that they focus more on the data aspects. One of the interesting 
features is the idea that children data objects inherit their primary 
characteristics from their parent.

Valentina puts itself forward as a OODB with relational aspects as 
well. A hybrid, if you will. And if it is as it claims it looks very 
promising for something I am intent upon accomplishing come next year. 
As it might overcome one of the problems with OODBs mentioned in a 
discussion earlier, on this listserv....changes to the data structure 
that might require extensive manual intervention in order to maintain 
the final application.

> Before discussions on the HyperCard List convinced me to write my own 
> database, I purchased a license for Answer Software's HyBase [I'm hazy 
> on the company name, it was in Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, or thereabouts].
> HyBase was touted as a fourth-generation database capable of 
> supporting code segments and objects.  It was delivered as a set of 
> extensions in HyperTalk external format.  It looked promising & 
> powerful to me; but (1) it was overkill for my needs and (2) by using 
> my own db I have no liability for royalties when distributing my 
> products.

Never heard of HyBase before. I'll look into that possibility. I'm 
looking at using January for analysis of options and making the 
purchases in February, if not sooner.

> I really don't know if this has any relevance to your question; but if 
> you want to take another shot at describing the data structure(s) and 
> functionality you want to support, I'll ponder whether/how one might 
> support them in SDB.

It was helpful for me.

Merry Christmas,


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