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Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Dec 21 15:46:56 EST 2003

>>> Posted is a rough prototype for a "virtual toy" version of Zolo
>> Amazing!
>> How about saving the "characters" obtained?
>> How about using other picts?

There's a slew of things missing from the demo, thus the term "rough
prototype" :-)  But glad you find it entertaining.

The alternate construction option proposed was a self contained development
environment where users can assemble shapes and then save them out as single
objects to the desktop.  In theory, this would be easier to manage because
performance is better when dragging groups of images within a single Rev
window, as opposed to separate windows on the desktop.  But we like the idea
of assembling desktop objects as well.

> Can someone send the location of Zolo... I'm new to the list and must have
> missed it...

DeskZolo Download (compressed)

(OSX only)


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