XP doesn't read a custom property from an encrypted stack

DVGlasgow at aol.com DVGlasgow at aol.com
Sun Dec 21 10:37:25 EST 2003

In a message dated 20/12/03 5:46:36 PM, David Glasgow writes:

<< Hello folks,

Its a long time since my last post. (Forgive me Father....?) >>

Very sorry for this double post.  The second was the first sent, but was held 
up for moderation because I was deemed not to be  a member of the list from 
an address I have used for a long time.  Don't ask me why.

Anyway, in brief, I have already had very helpful mails about the XP problem, 
and hope I am on my way to a solution.  Thanks Guys.

Incidentally, does anyone know if the XP 'Program Compatability Wizard' could 
have anything to offer to Rev projects that misbehave under XP?

Best wishes,

David Glasgow

Forensic Psychology Software and Services <A 

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