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Ken Ray kray at
Sun Dec 21 00:05:32 EST 2003

> I tried Importing As Control into the card.  Then I tried creating an Image
> object and Importing as Control into that but it didn't seem to work.  I
> first tried to import a pict.  Rev told me that the pict format was not
> x-platform and to try a png.  So I did that with no luck, then I tried to
> Import As Control with a jpeg.  Still no luck... Jim

Jim, what size is the picture you're trying to import? If it is too big,
perhaps there's not enough memory to display it.

Also, what version of Rev are you using?

You could also try the "New Referenced Control" choice, select Image and
then pick your graphic. It should come in and display, and not even have any
handles on it until you click it. If you don't get an image this way
*either*, you can open the message box and type:

  put the fileName of last img

and you should get a path... Verify that the graphic is at that path...

... and then let us know...

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