High-Order ASCII Alphabet & Other Keyboard Edits

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Sat Dec 20 18:03:20 EST 2003

On 12/20/03 3:55 PM, Rob Cozens wrote:

>> What happens if one scripts, for example:
>>     put empty into keysAllowed
>>     repeat with x = 128 to 255
>>         get numToChar(x)
>>         if it >= "Ù" and  it <= "ü" then put it into keysAllowed
>>     end repeat
>> ?
>> Does this or does this not return the same values on all Rev
>> platforms & all fonts?
> At the risk of exposing more of my ignorance, let me rephrase that:
> Rev will see the characters as numeric values and return the same list 
> of numeric values; but will the first character always display as "Ù" 
> and the last character as "ü" on all Rev platforms & all fonts?
> I checked the Rev Dictionary for "diacritical" but the three references 
> (find, toLower, toUpper) weren't much help.

If you mean, do you get the same glyph for each ascii number, then no, 
not even between fonts on the same platform. If you look in any font 
display program, you'll see the variations that occur in the high-ascii 
ranges in different fonts (the old Mac KeyCaps app was good for this.) 
And in dingbat and symbol fonts, even the low-ascii glyphs are different.

But you probably knew that, so maybe I don't understand what you're asking.

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