Shell or Launch or HELP!!!!

Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Sat Dec 20 17:44:27 EST 2003

OK, I am now completely confused.

I am building an OSX and WIN standalone and need to include a button 
with a link that launches an .exe file on XP and 2000 BUT launches the 
same .exe in VirtualPC if present in OSX.

I have tried a bunch of things and can't get it figured out. Please 
help a desperate Revie.

Here is what I tried so far:
on MouseUp

   --get shell ("OPEN=ShellExe.exe ClickMe.bat") this was code I found 
in the AUTORUN.INF from the PC CD, also is ClickMe.bat and ShellExe.exe 
then there is the actual installers that I need which are - PCSB101.exe 
and PCPF109.exe

   if the environment is "Win32" then -- we are in XP or 2000
       get shell ("start ShellExe.exe") -- can't figure out how to open 
ClickMe.bat in the ShellExe.exe
     catch lerror
     end try
   else -- we are in OSX
       --launch "/media/Demos/demos/PCPF109.exe" -- in OSX no luck
       --get shell ("/media/Demos/demos/PCPF109.exe") -- in OSX no Luck
       --get shell ("start /Applications/Microsoft Office X/Microsoft 
PowerPoint") -- now I am confused
     catch lerror
     end try
   end if
end MouseUp

Thank you all I really need the help


Macintosh PowerBook G-4 OSX 10.3.1, OS 9.2.2, 1.25 GHz, 512MB RAM, Rev 

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