simulating a mouseclick on a certain line in a list field

Klaus Major klaus at
Sat Dec 20 13:20:41 EST 2003

Hi Rand,

>  hello, dear revolution gurus. i have a list field that has a mouseUp 
> script
> attached to it, which does something based on the value of the 
> clicked-on
> line. But how do I simulate clicking on a particular line in a field, 
> ie,
> how do I send the listfield, in essence, a virtual click on a 
> particular
> line, so that the mouseUp script, which needs the clickLine to 
> function,
> works properly? I hope this is clear. Thanks.

set the hilitedlines of fld "your field here" to your_line_number_here
send "mouseup" to fld "your field here"

Just tested and it looks like this does trigger a "mouseup" but "the 
is not respected...?

Hope that helps though...

Try using "the hilitedlines" or "the selectedtext" or whatsoever, as 
long as
it works with "send mouseup..." ;-)

> rand valentine

Enjoy your christmas holidays :-)


Klaus Major
klaus at

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