Checking Server Results If Return is HTML

Brian Yennie briany at
Fri Dec 19 23:38:29 EST 2003

It looks like you have a variable that has the same name as your field.
When you do this:

put "User successfully created" into field serverReturn

Revolution is actually putting the message into field 1, which is what 
serverReturn evaluates to.
In the second case, Revolution is trying to find a field with a name 
that matches a long html string- bad news.

Put quotes around your field name (or change it's name) and you should 
be good to go.



> If the outcome is successful, the server in this case returns a value 
> of 1. This works in my code. But if an error is created, I never get 
> the second display. Instead, the debugger tells me "Chunk: No Such 
> Object" and the hint has the first two HTML tags of the return value.

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