deletion while moving...

Dar Scott dsc at
Fri Dec 19 02:42:09 EST 2003

On Wednesday, December 17, 2003, at 05:14 PM, Igor Couto wrote:

> Perhaps I need to give some time for the script of the 'animated' 
> button to do all its flag-checking, and run its course, before I try 
> to delete it - my thinking here is that I might be trying to delete 
> the button while it's locked because its script has not yet finished 
> executing.

Yes.  I missed your comment here in my recent response.  You have the 
basic understanding of the problem I was was describing in recent mail. 
  The other part is that 'stop moving' does not apply in this case.  It 
best only applies to a moving that is 'spun off' by a 'move ... without 
waiting'.  In the middle of a move command, it will stop the moving 
process, but it will not stop the moving command.  The command will 
continue to take 15 seconds.  (Or so I have observed on OS X.)  The 
one-second delay is not enough.

(This might be considered to be a bug.)

A move not using "without waiting" is like a 'move .. without waiting' 
followed by a 'wait ... with messages' of the same time.  Perhaps it is 
even implemented that way.

I think you might be happier with "without waiting" and such usage 
would not have this problem.


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