Increasing indent factor in script windows

Monte Goulding monte at
Fri Dec 19 00:09:38 EST 2003

> Is there any way to increase the indent factor in script windows?
>  (i.e. instead of having the engine indent by two spaces per
> tier, have it indent by four, for example).  I would like to have
> a more pronounced nesting.
> Alternately, I extract scripts for purposes of documentation and
> can write a handler to increase it.  But I am a bit stumped by
> the most basic thing.  How do I say in a script the equivalent of
> "if line x of script has leading spaces then double the number of
> leading spaces"
You could try:

replace "  " with tab in fld "script"

Then you can set the tabStops. I'm not user why the script editor doesn't
use tabs anyway????



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