COM objects?

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> How about incorporating DLLs and other objects? I have seen references 
> to incorporating "externals" and Altuit even has a browser component 
> that looks quite good. Are there any pointers to documentation on 
> that?

Yes one could write an external to call functions in some .dll or in a 
COM object or whatever.

The SDK available from is the same one to use for 
Revolution. It's *undocumented*. But it does have an example stack and 
example external in the C language.

A new SDK with documentation is supposed to be in a future release of 

I don't know why the features page says "SDK for creating externals in 
any compiled language". I've only heard of people using C to write 
externals. I believe with other xtalks it was possible to use pascal or 
basic, but AFAIK one must use C with runrev.

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