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Jim Carwardine JimCarwardine at
Wed Dec 17 06:35:21 EST 2003

Thanks, folks.  My record, when displayed has 3 sections.  It's the middle
section I want to scroll with the children fields displayed.  Does that
cause a problem?  Jim

12/17/03 2:49 AM, Ray Bennett wrote:

> And make sure to go into the "Property Inspector" for the group Jacque
> described and open the Geometry properties.  Click on the vertical pipe
> that that exits the top of the object box and the horizontal pipe that
> exits the left side of the object box.  Each will turn red as you click
> it.   This will ensure that your group resizes with the window.
> On Wednesday, December 17, 2003, at 12:49 AM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
>> On 12/16/03 6:32 PM, Jim Carwardine wrote:
>>> I¹m very new to Revolution and I have a question.  I¹m designing a
>>> database
>>> that is relational in the sense that there are parent/child
>>> relationships
>>> between records that can go many levels deep.  When I look at a parent
>>> record, I want to see all of the first level children of that record
>>> in a
>>> list.  Each record has a number of fields I want to show.  What I
>>> seem to be
>>> reading in the docs for Rev is that I can place a vertical scroll bar
>>> on the
>>> card that will allow the fields in the card to scroll, which is
>>> exactly what
>>> I want to do.  Is that clear enough for someone to get me started?
>>> How do I
>>> do it?   Jim
>> The easiest way is to create a very tall card with enough space to lay
>> out all your fields. The card can be taller than the screen if
>> necessary. Then group all the fields and objects on the card. In the
>> property inspector, set the group to have a vertical scrollbar. Then
>> resize both the group and the stack window to be smaller than the card
>> so that the scrollbar becomes active. If you set the size of the group
>> to be the same size as the stack window, it will look just like a
>> scrolling document.
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