Why need "card" to specify field?

Andrew Duncan aduncan at expertcity.com
Tue Dec 16 19:32:46 EST 2003

Sarah pointed out:

 > Documentation
 >   Roadmap
 >    Welcome to Revolution
 >     Experienced HyperCard or SuperCard developer
 >      About porting HyperCard stacks
 > also check out: http://www.hyperactivesw.com/mctutorial/index.html
 > for a great tutorial on the conversion process.

Thanks, Sarah; I read the "About porting" thing carefully... or so I 
thought, but it mentions the HCaddressing property on the very last 

I had browsed the hyperactivesw.com site also, but it's hard to search.

Anybody have any further advice about the problem with buttons and the 
Inspector (re-described below)? If not, I'll consider it a bug and file 
a report.

Clearing HCaddressing had a strange effect on another behavior. With
hcaddressing true, the "Size & Position" view of the Inspector was
grayed out when inspecting buttons. Changing the view to something else
(e.g. Basic Properties) and then returning the Size & Position enabled
the controls, but then clicking on any of them re-disabled them.
Clearing the hacaddressing property removed this behavior, and the
controls are now always active. What's the rationale there?

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