Why need "card" to specify field?

Andrew Duncan aduncan at expertcity.com
Tue Dec 16 16:49:53 EST 2003

Thanks to all who pointed out the hcaddressing property. I had some 
fuzzy memory of reading about something like this. For my future 
reference, can anybody point me to this in the Rev docs? (No, the 
"hcaddressing" entry itself doesn't count... how would I have found it 
without already knowing about it?)

Clearing this property had a strange effect on another behavior. With 
hcaddressing true, the "Size & Position" view of the Inspector was 
grayed out when inspecting buttons. Changing the view to something else 
(e.g. Basic Properties) and then returning the Size & Position enabled 
the controls, but then clicking on any of them re-disabled them. 
Clearing the hacaddressing property removed this behavior, and the 
controls are now always active. What's the rationale there?


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