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Tue Dec 16 14:42:22 EST 2003

--- Jim Hurley <jhurley at> wrote:
> Jan,
> I thought that Rev only communicated with certain
> select databases. 
>  From the doc under "revOpenDatabasse" it says:
>            The databaseType is one of
> "MySQL","Oracle" (Revolution 
> Enterprise only), "ODBC", "PostgreSQL", or
> "Valentina".
> I tried a while back to work with one of these and
> was quickly 
> overwhelmed. Sarah was a big help but, in the end,
> it seems I was 
> better off sticking to my old technology, i.e.
> FileMaker => text file 
> => Run Rev => text file, and finally => FileMaker.
> Low tech, but it 
> works.
> There is one possibility I haven't fully explored,
> and that is to use 
> AppleScript to import maybe half of the FMP file at
> a time into Run 
> Rev and then patching the two together in RR. I'm
> worried, however, 
> about transferring the pieces back into FMP from RR.
> Jim

Hi Jim,

You would connect to your FMPro database via ODBC
--though I'm not sure at which version FMPro started
supporting ODBC (4.1 ?)
This means you have to create a DSN (DataSourceName)
in the control panel, which points to the FMPro
In RunRev you will refer to this DSN to open a
connection to the FMPro database. The Query Builder
makes it easy to create queries to tables, and then
you can use the Property Inspector to link RunRev
controls to fields in these queries.

If my memory serves me well, there was someone on the
list who actually linked RunRev to FMPro via its Web
Companion and liburl calls.
So there's plenty of solutions for the adventurous :)

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  (La Rochefoucauld)

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