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Bob Hartley bob at
Tue Dec 16 04:20:22 EST 2003

Hi All

I created an application for seeking and transferring files from a folder 
to another.

and get it from

the code for the copy button is:-
on mouseUp
   answer folder "Please choose a folder:"
   put it into destFolder
   set the itemDelimiter to "/"
   put field 1 into theFiles
   repeat for each line f in theFiles
     put destFolder & "/" & last item of f into newFile
     revCopyFile f, newFile
   end repeat
end mouseUp

Now when I click the button to transfer the files listed, it works 
perfectly, however, there is no indication of the progress of the copy.
When you copy files using windows explorer you get a progress bar; is there 
a way to show the progress of the copy-action in revolution?


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