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Ken Ray kray at
Mon Dec 15 11:16:49 EST 2003

> {{"4535", "Gossett", "Joshua", "Boreham", "12975", "", "", ""}, 
> {"109769", "Hochwald ", "Joshua ", "American Hill ", "15822", 
> "sAddress sLast", "", "Voter"}}
> (These are just two records in this voter database.)
> Now I can get rid of the quotes and the curly brackets (by putting 
> the results into a variable and using the "replace" command), but I 
> don't understand their origin. They are not present in the original; 
> the fields are all just simple text. The quotes are not so surprising 
> as the curly brackets.

Both of these are provided courtesy of AppleScript; what it returns from
the request to get the records is an AppleScript "list", which is
quoted, comma-delimited, and surrounded in braces. If you don't want
them, you could manipulate them on the AppleScript side before getting
"the result" in Rev, or you can do as you are doing and post-process
them in Rev.

So, in AppleScript, to get the name "Joshua" from the two records you
retieved, you could do it this way:

  get every record
  get item 3 of item 1 of result
  -- now result contains "Joshua" (including quotes)


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