Where is the top/bottom of the screen?

Igor Couto igor at pixelmedia.com.au
Mon Dec 15 00:16:09 EST 2003

Dear Monte,

On 15/12/2003, at 3:38 PM, Monte Goulding wrote:

> Check out windowBoundingRect

Thanks for the hint! I had already seen this, however, in my MacOS X 
system, with my screen set to a resolution of 1280x1024, the 
windowBoundingRect reports: "78,92,1205,1024".

Hmmm. I can understand "1024" (the bottom of the screen), and  "1205" 
(the right of the screen minus the Dock - I guess). But why "78" and 
"92" for left and top, respectively?

I tried hiding the toolbar (both Text and Icons), thinking that it 
might be taking Revolution's own interface elements (such as the 
palettes) into consideration before reporting the 'useable' area of the 
screen, but no... nothing changed...

Am I missing something basic about the way this property is supposed to 
work, or is it not really working reliably?...

Many thanks,

igor at pixelmedia.com.au

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