Where is the top/bottom of the screen?

Igor Couto igor at pixelmedia.com.au
Sun Dec 14 23:33:23 EST 2003

Hi all!

Does anyone have a quick and easy way to determine where the VISIBLE 
topLeft of the user's screen is? - I mean, the Macintosh menubar takes 
a couple of dozen pixels, I think, so if we set a stack's topLeft to 
0,0, we end up with its top 'chopped off' by the menubar.

I know that other operating systems (ie, Linux) can have menu (and 
other types of) bars across the top - and bottom - of the screen, 

Is there a generic way to find out where the VISIBLE' top/bottom of the 
screen is? - so that we can create stacks that 'snap' to the top or 
bottom edge of the screen...

Many thanks for any suggestions!

igor at pixelmedia.com.au

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