Revolution evaluation for Campus Stack Development

Monte Goulding monte at
Sun Dec 14 23:16:21 EST 2003

> After evaluating Revolution as a possible replacement for Hypercard as a
> Language software development environment in OSX, I must confess I am
> amazed that at the lack of documentation

Hmmm... if you printed out all the docs I'm sure you would be amazed at how
much there is... What exactly do you need documentation on? Have you seen
the Search feature?

and what seem like significant
> bugs in the OSX development environment at the introductory or tutorial
> level, executable builds that contain broken disfunctional GUIs.

Can you give more detail about the issues because I'm sure that they can be
worked through. There are hundreds (thousands?) of developers creating
thousands of stacks every day so yes Rev can be a highly productive



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