Decimal Separator

Igor Couto igor at
Sun Dec 14 16:50:20 EST 2003

Dear Thierry and all,

I received no replies or suggestions to my query about 
Decimal/Thousands separators, and ended up implementing a solution 
similar to Rob's (ie, having to ask the user to manually input these 
symbols in a 'preferences' pane).

While it's nice to be able to get into system registries and use 
command line tools, I must admit that I tend to avoid these types of 
solutions - after all, if we wanted to write platform-specific code, we 
wouldn't have chosen a "cross-platform" tool now, would we?...

One of us should put a request in bugzilla for this feature to be added 
(system numberFormat). I'm sure the Runtime folks will eventually 
provide us with a simpler transcript solution here.

Many thanks to all,

igor at

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