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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Dec 12 11:27:18 CST 2003

Dom wrote:

> Personally, I do think that the auto-resizing is one among of the worst
> features of the MetaCard engine ;->
> Along with the auto-troncature of the "File" menu on OS X machines ;->>
> Modifying things behind the user's back should be a NO-NO!!!

Agreed, but fortunately this feature works right in front of you, and you
can turn off the automated accommdation of both Mac Classic and OS X if you
really prefer your menus look the same on all platforms.

While the rest of the world has its menus at the top of the window and the
About item is always at the bottom of the Help menu, Mac detaches menus to
place them at the top of the monitor with menu items in different locations
than other platforms, and Classic and OS X differ from one another as well.

Yet with the Rev/MC engine all three of these different menu conventions are
accommodated in one set of menus and fully HIG conformant without needing
any duplicate objects or writing a single line of code.

I've worked with other systems that attempt to deliver cross-platform menu
systems, and for making HIG conformant apps I never even imagined anything
as simple and convenient as the MC/Rev solution.

What other method could accommodate all these factors so gracefully with the
ease of a single stack property that activates HIG conformance by default?

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