Stack Size and loc for 800 X 600 displays

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Fri Dec 12 01:09:57 EST 2003

On 12/11/03 9:47 PM, "Sannyasin Sivakatirswami" <katir at> wrote:

> I am looking for an optimum set of values
> that I can just use for everything. do we have to think about vertical
> toolbars on windows? if so, how many pixels is that off the max width
> of 800? i.e. should the optimum stack size for 800X600 displays for all
> platforms be something like 760 X 550? And if so does "set the loc of
> this stack to the screenloc" work for all cases? I've had enough
> feedback to know that most presentors want to be able to access their
> menus, toolbars etc. and yet still be able to see the whole
> presentation....  what do you recommend from your experience?

In my work, I use 750 x 550 when pushing for maximum space but allowing for
menubars/taskbars, etc.  Otherwise, 700 x 500 should be pretty safe for most
situations.  It's unlikely you'll ever have a 100% foolproof size, though,
since Windows taskbars can double (triple?) up in height depending on the
number of icons present.  If sizing is an absolute necessity, your stack
should be designed to be scalable with standard minimize and maximize
controls present.

If you want to be anal, test 750 x 550 on a Windows box with large fonts
enabled to make sure your stack still fits.  I may be wrong but I seem to
recall using large fonts only adds about 4 pixels vertically to any line of
type (titlebars and taskbar).


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