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Thu Dec 11 14:19:13 EST 2003

On 12/11/03 1:03 PM, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> I'm working on an app for Mac and Windows, and dealing with the menu bar
> differences between the two has been a nightmare.  First of all, on the Mac,
> is there any way to keep the engine from shifting all my controls up
> automatically and resizing my stack window as it places the menu bar at the
> top of the screen?

There's no way to prevent the shifting behavior (that's how the engine 
accomodates Mac menu bars,) but if the engine were working correctly it 
wouldn't cause the visual effects you are seeing. I call it the "Honey, 
I shrunk the stacks" bug.

> For some odd reason, this is causing some weird
> invisible bar at the bottom of my window that is covering up some custom
> buttons that I've created.  So about my buttons look like they're about
> halfway cutoff, even though there is plenty of room to display them fully.

It's a bug in the engine. I've reported it and Tuv says he will fix it 
immediately since it is a blocker. It's bug #744 if you want to add any 

> Secondly, if I try to resize my window through code, I still have to deal
> with the problem of all my graphics being shifted up by the height of the
> missing menu bar.  Is there an easy way to deal with that?  Also, I can't
> seem to set the height of my stack in a preOpenStack handler.  It only works
> if I do it in the openStack handler, which looks terrible because then you
> see the stack resizing.

That's the same thing I ran into. Setting the stack height used to work, 
and I've done it in other projects, but with the release of the latest 
version of Rev it no longers fixes the problem. We'll have to wait for 
the engine fix.

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