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Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Thu Dec 11 06:15:47 EST 2003

Hi Richard,

> Sorry for the bandwidth, but this will become on-topic at some point 
> in the
> future so bear with me:
> Which installer do you use for -
> Mac Classic:
> OS X:
> Win32:
> Linux:
> Please email me OFFLIST so we don't litter the discussion with this 
> unless
> you feel it's truly relevant here.  Thanks.

i only had to use one installer for windows until now and i created it 
by myself with
MetaCard/Revolution, what did you think??? ;-)

A dedicated, full installer application is not a cheap thing, you 

I even made it look exactly like these ugly but common used windoze 
installers*, so the
win-folks felt familiar...

*Not the one with the blue backdrop, which looks a BIT nice...

Since installing a software is (maybe a bit more, but you get the 
picture...) merely ;-)
copying files to the users HD, creating an alias here and there, maybe 
registry-setting (on win), what's the problem?

OK, my installer even called a QT-installer, if needed, but that's no 
big thing, either...

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