Odd Characters in PC build text field

duane poncy tsalagi at elohigadugi.org
Wed Dec 10 18:56:07 CST 2003

I have created a Cherokee Dictionary with Revolution 2.0, and now am 
trying to add flash cards. I have the program working fine, except I 
get odd characters in some of the Cherokee fonts in the Windows build. 
It is not a unicode font. The Cherokee font I am using requires the "+" 
, "-" , and "/" keys, all of which cause extra characters to show up on 
the PC build. Certain capital letters also seem to cause this this to 
happen. It is reproducable, with the same characters causing the same 
problem each time.  They all work fine in Mac OSX.  Does anyone have 
any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Thank you. 

TsalagiDict 0.1.0 -download the beta
at http://elohigadugi.org/pages/dictionary.html

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