where to send press releases on Windows & mac, too

Brian Thomas runrev at rivertext.com
Wed Dec 10 13:33:40 CST 2003

Yesterday I posted "legendary Monks liberated by Revolution"

Right now as Revolution is talking about their efforts to promote 
products made with Revolution, I was hoping it wouldn't considered 
off-topic if I asked for some tips on where to send press releases 
-- particularily on Windows, but also on Mac

I'll start out. I sent a press release to Macintouch at the special 
press release email address listed below yesterday and got a real 
nice notice today. (that was easy)

pr2003 at macintouch.com

For MacCentral I couldn't find any special press release address and 
just sent to their regular address. No results yet.

Does anyone have a list of sites on Mac, but also on Windows (where I 
am clue-les) ?

I'd bet I'm not the only that would be capturing such info.



If Monks had Macs - the director's cut
is now shipping for Windows as well as Macs

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