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Wed Dec 10 11:26:19 CST 2003

Hello Revo User's

I have a glossary in my stack that has clickText as the find source. It 
used to go from a found selection to another, finding each instance of 
the word as the mouseup is clicked. All of a sudden it does not do it 
anymore. Instead it only finds the first instance of the word and goes 
no further BUT if I hold the control key on the mac it acts as 
expected/ as it did before. This script is in the glossary field itself 
so if you click a word in the field it is supposed to find other 
instances of that word each time you click on that word even if you 
click a different instance of that word. This was working and I loved 
it but now it's broke and I want it back.....

The script is quite simple:

on mouseUP
   find the clickText in field "SearchField"
   put value(the foundLine) into field "Glos"
   --pass mouseUp
end mouseUP

I use a similar script in other text fields to look up words in this 
glossary field and they work. But they are in a background grp and as 
such need this script to do the lookup and come back to what card we 
are on. HOWEVER when we are on the "14: Glossary..." card this script 
finds each instance of the word click on from one to the next etc. 
until done.:

on mouseUp
   lock screen
    put the number of this card into lmyCard
     find the clickText in field "SearchField" of card "14: Glossary..."
     if the result is "Not found"  -- not the text of me in field 
       put value(the foundLine) into field "Glos" -- Glos is a 
background grp
     end if
     go card lmyCard
     unlock screen
end mouseUp

Any help from you guys is appreciated.

Macintosh PowerBook G-4 OSX 10.3.1, OS 9.2.2, 1.25 GHz, 512MB RAM, Rev 

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