DB default colors

Monte Goulding monte at sweattechnologies.com
Tue Dec 9 21:21:10 EST 2003

> >>>I have a stack that has a backpattern set. No matter what the state of
> >>>the checkbox "Apply default colors", the backpattern is removed after
> >>>the standalone is built. Has anyone got this to work?
> >>
> >>What happens if you force set the backPattern by script in the
> >>standalone in
> >>during preOpenStack or wherever makes sense?
> >>
> >
> > Are you importing the patterns? The DB doesn't mess with backpatterns so
> > it's likely another issue.
> The backpattern is set to the ID of a hidden, imported image. It
> displays okay in Rev's IDE. Compiling with the MC IDE works to make
> standalones for all platforms. I tried creating a Rev distribution using
> both Windows and Mac OS X and in both platforms the backpattern
> was removed.
> > Even if colors were applied they wouldn't
> > override the backpattern.
> Something in the DB removed it, since the MC standalone maker worked. It
> didn't matter whether the default colors checkbox was on or off, I
> always got the system backcolor in the standalone and no pattern. This
> would be a good thing to double-check in your new DB.

Any chance your talking about backpattern inheritance between stack and
substack and you've moved the substacks into individual files? I can't see
any other way this could happen...



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