Richard Gaskin, An AutoSave Plugin?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Dec 9 19:31:52 EST 2003

SimPLsol at wrote:

>> Richard,
>> Chip's altAutoArchive is not exactly what I had in mind, nor is the excellent
> plugin from Rinaldi.
> While saving serialized copies would help, what I am really looking for is
> true HyperCard behavior - where changes to the current stack are saved in the
> current stack.

The best thing is that Rev gives us a choice.  We can build an auto-save
similar to HyperCard or behave like all other apps as we choose.

Yes, because Hypercard used the more corruption-prone method of paging from
disk, it had to trap a variety of specific events in order to write the card
back to disk.  While a timer-based solution may result in saves more
frequent than needed, saves in Rev are generally pretty fast so unless it's
a large stack you may never notice the difference.

If one truly needed HyperCard-like saving, that choice is also available
with only a little more effort, using a frontscript instead of a timer to
trap the desired events for saving.

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