Printing Transparent PNG's

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Dec 9 14:49:34 EST 2003

No, I did not get that to work. My guess: Revolution is not 
"flattening" the  .png file  to  universally printable postscript on 
output to a printer. I didn't try the snap shot. My context doesn't 
require the image to show, which was "window dressing" so I just hide 
the image when the user tries to print. Would be good to get this work 
though, I use transparent pngs everywhere....  You might test with a 
PNG file that has no transparency and see if that works on the same 
printer that is giving a grey box for a png that has transparency.

On Dec 8, 2003, at 11:43 PM, Greg Wills wrote:

> Hi Sannyasin
> Did you get this to work? I had a similar problem ages ago, but really 
> did not get any joy. If I printed on an Epson at home (Mac) my 
> background image printed fine. However when I  printed to a laser 
> Lexmark at work (Win) the graphic was just a grey area. I did find one 
> printer that it worked on, but it had a large memory. I don't 
> understand how Rev deals with graphics and why one should work and the 
> other not. I tried updating drivers too. If it is a printer memory 
> issue, then this is not good, as most o the printers in schools don't 
> have high memory printers. (The ones that didn't work have 4mb. The 
> one that did has 16mb.)
> Did taking a snapshot and printing the image work? It did not help in 
> my situation.
> regards
> Greg

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