'put url "http://www.site.com" into var' <> working in standalone

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Dec 9 00:24:37 EST 2003

Terry Vogelaar wrote:

>>> When I say:
>>> put url "http://www.site.com" into var
>>> the var is still empty in the standalone version. Any suggestions?
>> Could there be something in your app's startup that prevents Rev's
>> libraries from loading?
>> The Distribution Builder puts Rev's libraries in a hidden group on the
>> first card of the mainstack, and must get an preOpenBackground message to
>> initialize.
>> There's not enough data on your specific circumstance to know if
>> that's the root cause, however.  To investigate it you could add
>> this at the end of your app's initialization:
>> answer the backscripts
>> If no rev libs are listed in that dialog there's a likelihood they are
>> not being initialized.
> You are right, Richard, "answer the backscripts" brings up an empty
> dialog in the standalone. But why?
> It is a stack that requires a login. At first, I had the login brought
> up as a modal dialog in the preOpenStack handler of the main stack.
> What you explained makes clear why that didn't work. I figured this to
> be the reason too, so I made the dialog the main stack that brings up
> the previous main stack when a user successfully logs in.
> The internet access is required in the script of the login button on
> the only card of the main stack - the 'login dialog' that is not a
> dialog anymore.
> Could a preOpenStack handler prevent libraries from loading? I tried to
> add 'pass preopenstack' at the end of the handler, but that didn't
> resolve anything.

It' actually preOpenBackground that's needed, not preOpenStack.  Not passing
preOpenStack should have no effect.

More likely is that your initialization is altering the message path such
that the Rev libs group is not on the card of the topstack at the time the
preOpenBackground message is sent.

If I understand your reply, that seems to be what's happening:  when the
standalone is launched, your preOpenStack handler gets its message and opens
your login window.  The first card of your mainstack never gets a
preOpenBackground, because now your login window is on top and it gets its
own set of "pre" messages.

As a workaround, try adding this in your preOpenStack handler just before
you open your login stack:

   send "preOpenBackground" to group "revLibraries"

That solved it in the other case I'd seen where this occured.

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