'put url "http://www.site.com" into var' <> working in standalone

Terry Vogelaar terry at discovery.nl
Mon Dec 8 23:23:32 EST 2003

> Richard Gaskin heeft op maandag, 8 dec 2003 om 21:24 het volgende 
> geschreven:
>> When I say:
>> put url "http://www.site.com" into var
>> the var is still empty in the standalone version. Any suggestions?
> Could there be something in your app's startup that prevents Rev's 
> libraries
> from loading?
> The Distribution Builder puts Rev's libraries in a hidden group on the 
> first
> card of the mainstack, and must get an preOpenBackground message to
> initialize.
> There's not enough data on your specific circumstance to know if 
> that's the
> root cause, however.  To investigate it you could add this at the end 
> of
> your app's initialization:
>    answer the backscripts
> If no rev libs are listed in that dialog there's a likelihood they are 
> not
> being initialized.

You are right, Richard, "answer the backscripts" brings up an empty 
dialog in the standalone. But why?

It is a stack that requires a login. At first, I had the login brought 
up as a modal dialog in the preOpenStack handler of the main stack. 
What you explained makes clear why that didn't work. I figured this to 
be the reason too, so I made the dialog the main stack that brings up 
the previous main stack when a user successfully logs in.

The internet access is required in the script of the login button on 
the only card of the main stack - the 'login dialog' that is not a 
dialog anymore.

Could a preOpenStack handler prevent libraries from loading? I tried to 
add 'pass preopenstack' at the end of the handler, but that didn't 
resolve anything.


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