Plugin feedback request

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Mon Dec 8 21:16:21 EST 2003

> At the upcoming Rev Con in SF I'll be discussing plug-ins, aimed at
> introducing Rev newcomers to using and building Revolution plug-ins.
> To better tailor what's covered it would be helpful to get some input 
> from
> you folks:
> - What's your favorite plug-in, and why?
I like Rinaldi's SmartSave for automatic regular saves, and my own 
Funkey to attach scripts to the function keys.
> - Where do you look for plug-ins?
Rinaldi, Chipp Walters, Rev user contributions and I monitor 
announcements on this list.
> - Have you encountered any conflicts betwee plug-ins, and if so what
> happened? (image ID conflict, stack or variable name conflict, 
> messages not
> being passed, etc.)
Yes, once when I tried to rename one of my plugins to rev... to stop it 
showing up in the Application Browser. For some unknown reason it 
stopped working altogether. I didn't spend a lot of time trying to find 
the problem, but I would like more info on when & how best to use the 
rev prefix.
> - Do you prefer the more hip form of "Plugins" or the more 
> grammatically
> correct but possibly staid form, "Plug-ins"?  (It's a small thing but 
> if I'm
> going to make handouts I should at least spell it correctly. <g>)
Plugins :-)
> - Fill in the blank:  "The plug-in I want to see is one that does 
> _______".
I like to automate any process that I find tedious &/or annoying. At 
the moment, the main culprit is the popup menu on the Properties 
palette, so a plugin that allowed for easy navigation of the palette 
might be a good idea.
Another one that was suggested on this list a while ago, was a startup 
plugin where you could add any scripts that you like to run 
automatically on startup: setting the tool, arranging palettes etc.

> PS: If you haven't read Sarah's articles on Rev tools at revJournal 
> yet you
> owe it to yourself: <>
Thanks! I've been a bit busy lately, but there should be another 
article along soon.

sarahr at

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