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Mon Dec 8 16:22:08 EST 2003

On 12/8/03 3:12 PM, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> If I use the ask password command without the "clear" option, how can I
> decrypt what the user enters?  There seems to be something missing from the
> Rev Docs about this.  They state that the user's input gets encrypted, but
> they don't tell you how to decrypt it.  Am I missing something obvious?

The password can't be decrypted; it's a secret to everyone. Instead, 
store the encrypted password and compare user entries with that. During 
development, do something like this:

ask password "Enter the password:"
set the cPswd of this stack to it

After that, you would compare the user's entry to the cPswd of the stack 
to see if they match.

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