'put url "http://www.site.com" into var' <> working in standalone

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Dec 8 14:16:11 EST 2003

Terry Vogelaar wrote:

> I have a problem with a script that works fine in the stack, but
> refuses to work in the standalone.
> When I say:
> put url "http://www.site.com" into var
> the var is still empty in the standalone version. The 'internet script
> library' is checked in the inclusions in the distribution builder is
> hilited, so that is not the problem. Any suggestions?

Could there be something in your app's startup that prevents Rev's libraries
from loading?

The Distribution Builder puts Rev's libraries in a hidden group on the first
card of the mainstack, and must get an preOpenBackground message to

I've seen cases where an app may navigate to another card from a startup
handler, thus preventing this initialization. Because this difference is
only present in standalones but not in the IDE it is particularly difficult
to debug.

Geoff tells me he's looking into more robust way to initialize Rev libs.  In
the meantime others who have encountered an initialization issue caused by
app actions that prevent the hidden group from getting its preOpenBackground
message have worked around with by explicitely sending the message to that
group from their startup handler.

There's not enough data on your specific circumstance to know if that's the
root cause, however.  To investigate it you could add this at the end of
your app's initialization:

   answer the backscripts

If no rev libs are listed in that dialog there's a likelihood they are not
being initialized.

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