Bugzilla downloads html files?

Jason Spencer jps2 at ualberta.ca
Mon Dec 8 13:48:39 EST 2003

On Dec 8, 2003, at 11:26 AM, David Egbert wrote:

> Whenever I try to search for existing bugs in Bugzilla, Safari is
> downloading the files to my desktop instead of viewing them in the 
> browser.
> Is this a known problem? Is there a tweak I need to do on Safari?

As far as I know it's a problem with Safari mis-reporting one of its 
features and Bugzilla trusting that a little too much which results in 
the file downloading instead of displaying.


Fixing this in Bugzilla seems to require just flipping a flag since 
there are other supported browsers with the same behavior. I mentioned 
this to the RunRev staff and they said they would check out new 
versions of Bugzilla (the main Bugzilla site worked for me when I tried 
it using Safari) but they may have run into other snags since it is not 
fixed yet. There is a patch at the above link...maybe they need a 
little more prompting. :)

As a workaround you can use Mozilla with Bugzilla. (I'd use Mozilla all 
the time, but I don't like the non-native widgets.)


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