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Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at adelphia.net
Mon Dec 8 07:38:31 CST 2003

Hello all,
I just bought a Run Rev long sleeve t-shirt and coffee mug and I 
absolutely love them. The shirt is comfortable and I already had five 
'great' comments on it. The "on drink me" mug is wonderful and is now 
the only mug I use anymore.

This maybe off topic but it makes me very happy "using" Run Rev and so:

How to use Revolution:
Buy the software (sure try it out for a few days - but then go and buy 
it! It is the best!)
Join the list (Very cool and helpful people)
Buy the Mug (Fill with Coffee)
Sit at the computer and start playing with code.
Drink Coffee
Write more code.
Drink Coffee
Write more code.
Drink Coffee
Write more code.
If you do go outside again then
buy the t-shirt or sweater if it's cold
end if
Drink more Coffee
Write more code.

Tom (Drinking lots of coffee)

Macintosh PowerBook G-4 OSX 10.3.1, OS 9.2.2, 1.25 GHz, 512MB RAM, Rev 

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