Ugly Rumours about my modified revTools

Thomas J McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Mon Dec 8 07:14:19 CST 2003

I replaced my revTools stack with your horizontal one(decided that I  
didn't want it horizontal) and then later put the 'backup' copy I  
copied of revTools back in and took yours out. Since then when I start  
REV the revTools stack opens and then hides itself.
I do not know that this is a result of your revTools stack and it  
probably is not. Since then I do not put/replace any original REV  
stacks with any others. The response to my problem below was a  
suggestion to look further into it and not an accusation or rumor about  
your stack. I did like your stack and I do trust your coding integrity.  
I am a newbie to rev and as such a little bit dangerous when  
downloading new plugins and trying them out etc. I might still have a  
copy of your 'replacement' stack in my plugins folder since i still  
don't quite understand what the plugins folder is for(when I first  
downloaded it I did put it in the components folder and made a backup  
of my revTools stack outside of that). I was treating the plugins  
folder like a favorites folder. actually I still am treating it that  
way until I can filter out the stack that I don't need or want in  

Sorry for any confusion about this and rest assured this was not an  
attack on your plugin.


On Dec 8, 2003, at 3:46 AM, Mathewson wrote:

> UM.......
> My revtools mods cannot interfere with the actual
> capabilities of RR:
> 1.  They are extended versions of the standard revTools
> stack and as such contain all that is in the standard
> revTools stack.
> 2.  My revTools stack replace the original, therefore the
> following:
> "I know Richmond has
> created a few alternative tool palettes and if you have
> installed one
> of them, the original revTools might either have gone or
> just be unable
> to open because there is another stack of the same name
> already open."
> doesn't make much sense as you EITHER have my revTools
> stack in your 'components' folder OR the standard stack -
> there is therefore no question of interference.
> WHILE I'M HERE.....a quick plug for the latest version that
> is available on my website.
> All the best, Richmond Mathewson
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